Yves Klein’s Monotone Silence Symphony – 40 Minutes Of Endurance & Experience

Read about Yves Klein’s Monotone-Silence symphony that might teach you the importance of patience in learning and appreciating music.

What is Monotono Silence Symphony?

Monotone Symphony is one of the experiential musical pieces that have just one tone or chord that’s played for 20 minutes followed by a silence of 20 minutes.

Listen to the excerpts of the monotone silence symphony.

Listening to the monotone symphony is equivalent to dedicating 40 minutes of your life to appreciate a piece of music.

I am sure you won’t regret spending those 40 minutes of your life to check your music appreciation and patience quotient.

The monotone silence symphony is not one of those traditional classical music pieces you hear.

So, let’s not argue to qualify it as a piece of musical work.
It’s not a concert or a work of art to be admired. It is one of the musical experiences.

Ever wondered how it feels being in zero gravity?

I believe silence is the counterpart of the “zero gravity” in the field of sonic sounds. It’s just like the lightweight experience you would feel in your minds when deprived of the noise around you.

Music experts refer to it as an audible presence.

That means the reverberations of the monotone sound played for the 20 minutes can be heard as an audible presence during the period of the silence.

It is similar to the meditation exercise, where people try to eliminate all the noise around surroundings and focus on the inner sounds audible only to your psyche.

The idea of the monotone silence symphony was conceived to test the endurance of people who appreciate music.

Listening to the monotone silence symphony might be a great musical experience for music conductors, musicians and last but not the least the audience.

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