“Between Music” – The World’s First Underwater Music Band

Read about “Between Music” – the world’s first underwater music band known for performing underwater.

What makes underwater music band so special?

I decided to write about “Between Music” the moment I saw the underwater performance.

Why not?

I tried to hold my breath for few moments. I couldn’t sustain even for a minute.

Therefore, an idea of playing musical instruments underwater is an altogether challenging concept.

Watch the underwater music band “Between Music” playing music from their album – Aquasonic.

I was petrified a bit after watching “Between Music” perform underwater.

The music sounds as scary as a haunting nightmare.

Especially, the singers trying to sing underwater.

The broken syllables underwater reminded me of the sounds of the humpback whales.

You may find both the sounds sharing similar characteristics.

Between Music use custom-made musical instruments

Does sound travel in water?

Of course yes!

However, the speed of the sound and the frequencies would differ from the conditions of open-air performance.

A traditional musical instrument would hardly produce desired sounds underwater.

Therefore, the musicians of the band did research about the sounds underwater and came up with their unique custom-made musical instruments.

The music band comprising five members perform in sync inside personal water tanks.

The band has the scientific approach towards music. each sounds you can hear in the Aquasonic is curated under the guidance of scientists and deep-sea divers.

The first concert was sold-out within three days.

The music video showcase instruments like hydraulophone, violin, electromagnetic harp, chimes, and percussion.

What makes the concert unique?

The singing technique.

Ever tried speaking inside a swimming pool?

Don’t even try!

If I may exaggerate, speaking underwater is something close to supernatural activity for me.

Hitting the perfect notes is beyond imagination.

I can just imagine the how the singers would practice the technique.

Thanks for reading my 68th article in the series 100-day music blogging challenge. Stay tuned for more such informative articles.

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