5 Things Learned From The First Spanish Song Heard 12 Years Ago

Read about five things I learned after listening to “Cancion Del Mariachi”, a Spanish song by Los Lobos.

This song changed my life forever and is also a reason I broke my relationship with the guitar pick.

Here’s the guitar cover of Cancion del Mariachi.

Here are 5 things I learned from listening to the first Spanish song that I heard 12 years ago.

#1 Explore different kind of music

Fingerstyle and classical guitar became my favorite thing only after watching Antonio Banderas playing that classical guitar accompanied by guitarists playing chords using the “rasgueado technique”.

“Rasguedo” is probably the first Spanish word that I ever searched on the internet.

Suddenly, I started searching more about the Classical guitar. I don’t know exactly how the transition occurred but I started liking Spanish and classical music more than other stuff I was listening to.

#2 Develop your own style of playing guitar

Looking at the original song, you could understand that style is everything!

I was surprised to see classical musicians use their nails to struck the guitar, instead of guitar picks.

I never thought fingernails could be an excellent tool for playing guitar until I saw several classical guitarists.

3. Learning techniques is neither expensive nor a waste of time

It’s not that I’ve never attempted to record the cover version of this song. I made several attempts to record on mobile. However, I was never satisfied with the way it sounded.

I always felt there’s room for improvement.

Even today after posting the video, I felt that there were some portions that could have been done in a far more better way.

Although you could see me playing same notes from the song, the intro piece has been improvised to include the tremolo technique.

#4 Enhancing skills does much more than filling spaces on your resume

I could have recorded the cover video on my mobile and uploaded on YouTube. However, I always wanted to have a proper branding for my videos and my YouTube channel of course.

Can’t help it!

Being a marketing person, I could never see things without even basic branding.

In all these years, I learned about basics of sound recording and video editing.

You don’t need to have expensive gadgets to execute things.

Sometimes, basic tools could take you far enough.

#5 It’s never too late to do anything

Better late than never.

I have sung a Spanish song for the first time for my YouTube covers. Please forgive me if I miss the pronunciations.

Learning classical guitar is always fun especially when you discover those Spanish and Latin words that convey specific playing instructions.

I think half the traffic to Google must have been through my search keywords.

Jokes apart.

Please have a look at my cover song and let me know f I am any good at speaking Spanish or playing Spanish guitar.

Thanks for reading my 51st article in the series 100-day music blogging challenge. Stay tuned for more such interesting articles.

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