The ‘Gothic’ Symphony No. 1 By Havergal Brian Requires Over 800 Musicians To Perform

Read about the ‘Gothic’ Symphony No. 1 composed by Havergal Brian requires over 800 musicians including 82 string players for the concert performance.

About The Gothic Symphony No. 1

The Gothic, Symphony No. 1 is composed by Havergal Brian between 1919 and 1927. The composition exhibits the characteristics of the music technique called “Progressive Tonality”. The musical piece starts with a D Minor key and ends in E Major key.

What is the duration of the Gothic – Symphony No. 1?

The composition is one of the longest symphonies ever written in western music history. The symphony consists two part has the duration of around one and three-quarter hours.

The symphony requires around 600 musicians to play the sections including over 82 string players. Now that’s a huge amount of manpower required to play the classic symphony.

Listen to the closing section of the Gothic Symphony performed at the at the Proms 2011.

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