The Alexander Piano – Life Lessons From World’s Longest Piano

Real life lessons from Adrian Mann and the Alexander piano – one of the longest pianos in the world.

“Life is like a piano. What you get out of it depends on how you play it.” – Tom Lehrer

How long is the Alexander piano?

Yes, the quote suits the agenda.

I wrote about the difference between a harpsichord and piano a few days back. We even discussed the king of musical instruments.

Is it a piano or an organ?

Well, the question is not about the size but the tone of the musical instrument.

Sometimes, the size defines the tone of any instrument would generate.

The world’s longest piano is around 6 meters long and weighs around one tone. This article tells a story about Adrian Mann and the Alexander Piano.

Read music facts about the Alexander piano and the story behind its making.

It’s ok to get confused about the journey. However, the destinations should be clear.

The Alexander piano was an ambitious musical project started by a teenager named Adrian Mann. He started building the prototype in his early fifteens after a curious thought over the piano lessons.

He knew what kind of piano he wanted to build but very well knew challenges and confusions related to the physical dimensions of the instrument.

Adrian Mann says:

“I had no idea what I was doing at the beginning.I just knew what I wanted the outcome to be.”

Listen to the rich tone of the piano played by Adrian Mann himself.

Start small and scale as per requirements

I like to read stories about how startups grow and make their brands stand out. The making of the Alexander piano was nothing less than product development phase of any startup.

However, the thought of getting started right away in your home’s backyard is as good as taking your first step.

Do not hesitate to take help from friends and family

Adrian was lucky enough to get a place to start in the garage belonged to his neighbor.

As the project kicked off, he required even more space. Soon, Adrian got help from his friend’s dad, who gave his farm shed for further experiments.

The piano story became popular locally and got some attention at the national level.

“You never know how a helping hand would make your or someone else’s dream possible.”

Problems and challenges make you strong

Adrian wanted his first piano to be unique. His design was a bit different than the regular concert pianos.

Therefore, his design had few issues that he knew already and worked towards getting the problems solved.

In the course, he learned a lot of new things about building a piano from scratch and then modifying the parts to get the desired outcomes.

Start reading books. The bookish knowledge may never disappoint you.

The primary tool Adrian had was a wordy 1916 book on the art of pianoforte construction.

It was the first book Adrian read. Though a wordy book, Adrian was determined in learning the art of making a piano.

Sometimes, we have to start with whatever we have. Waiting for the advanced tools is just a waste of time.

Taking too many suggestions may take you off the course

Adrian was very passionate about building the piano from scratch. He relied on the sheer determination, knowledge, and luck

Adrian rarely consulted with any piano technician since he knew what he want to build and he had the resource to do so.

He could have easily lost his confidence if someone had judged Adrian’s prototype, looking at his age.

One of the piano technicians said:

“I’m glad you never consulted me, I would have told you to stop”.

Sharing with others is caring for self

“Cash is oxygen” is coined by one of my favorite influencer – Gary Vaynerchuk. However, the context is related to what Adrian did.

Adrian wrote a book about how to build a piano and the funding from the sale served the maintenance of the piano.

Now, that’s a smart idea.

Starting from a curious discussion with his teacher to building a small business, Adrian has truly taught some great life lessons while his journey towards making the Alexander piano. Read more about the story here.

Thanks for reading my 87th article in the series 100-day music blogging challenge. Stay tuned for more informative articles.

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