Learning Something New This Year? Start Sketching As a Hobby – #Sketchnuary

Are you trying to learn something new this year? Read how I am planning to start sketching as a hobby and improve at the art of drawing with graphite and charcoal pencils.

What could be a better time to start with learning a new hobby in the “hobby month” itself.

Yes, the month of January is considered a hobby month and it’s a perfect time to play with your creative instincts. Wait a minute! Isn’t this something already in your new year resolution list?

Can we have a better new year resolution list for learning hobbies?

A new year resolution list without the “c-word” is just a piece of paper!

At the new year’s eve, most of us ponder over the blunders made during the year. Some of us are even keen on learning from the mistakes and plan for better outcomes next year.

What could be a better tool to plan things – A new year resolution list?

Frankly speaking, I’ve tried it for years and it simply doesn’t work. The motivation to accomplish the goals never last long enough. I know what makes it difficult for us to tick the check mark on our lists.

And that thing is – COMMITMENT!

Motivation is never fruitful without Commitment.

You can easily get motivated from an inspiring article or a motivational speech. However, the art of staying motivated is the commitment that comes within you.

Now the question is –

How to start sketching as a hobby?

I tried to make a healthy balance of “Motivation” and “Commitment” in the year 2017 with my 100-day music blogging challenge. I wrote interesting articles about music for 100 days and I am proud to say that I completed the mammoth challenge successfully.

I never missed a day at blogging – just because I had to complete the challenge. This activity bought the commitment factor that kept me pushing to write around 400-word articles – daily.

Now that I know the formula – I am planning for a 30-day plan to learn and improve at pencil sketching hobby that I secretly wanted to master since long time.

I may not draw daily, however I would make sure there’s at least one sketch or drawing on my sketchbook everyday. I would be posting these artworks daily. Here’s one of few sketchings I did during Sketchnuary.

Please remember, neither I am a professional artist nor I am a complete beginner. I will be trying to move a step closer at being professional with pencil drawings.

Thanks for reading my article and wishing you a happy new year and lots of creativity during the hobby month.

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