Relaxing Rain Sounds That May Help You Sleep, Relax And Stay Focused

Read about my interpretations about the ambient relaxing rain sounds to help you sleep, relax and stay focused.

My first sound recording of the rain

Finally, I recorded my first ambient sound of rains.

Yesterday, I got a chance to record relaxing rain sounds while I was practicing my guitar lessons.

For past 48 hours, the rain gods were busy doing their work.  I tried to capture their creation on my recorder. I wanted to record rain sounds for a long time with my new Zoom H4n handheld recorder.

The interesting part of the recording is birds chirping around. What made these birds go chirping around in the rains?

However, I got confused if I was recording a background music of a sad story or a happy one.

It was raining so heavily that these tiny creatures couldn’t fly to their destinations. Maybe I recorded the birds trying to give a call and find their offsprings, possibly stuck somewhere nearby.

I heard news about water logging at several places including a cyclone near the seashore vandalizing the coast partly. Bad things could happen to anyone.

On the other hand, let’s assume the birds are safe at home. Were they celebrating togetherness, just like humans do with hot pakoras and tea with family?

Listen to the recording and tell me your interpretations.

Music always conveys an emotion.

The birds in the recording might tell a story based on our interpretations.

My interpretations about relaxing rain sounds to help you sleep

What is so relaxing about the rain sound?

Rain sounds come under the ambient music group. Ambience consists of the sounds of a given place or space.

Is it a coincidence that rain sounds belong to relaxing class in the limelight if positive perception.

It is believed, listening to rain sounds may help you sleep and relax.

As per my understanding, the rain sound has components of the background noise or hissing sounds. This hissing sound is often called “white-noise”.

These hissing sound frequencies can hide other noise in any music recordings.

I believe rain sound is the sweet noise that cancels out other nasty ones.

The noisy neighbors, their quarrels, and screaming idiot box are some nasty sounds that don’t let me sleep.

Only a diamond can cut another diamond! Similarly, the rainy noise can hide other noises too.

How does a rain sound help me stay focused?

You could hear the monotonous sound of rains with varying volume depending on the speed of the rainfall.

This monotone sound may not allow our minds to think about anything else.

Just concentrate on the source of the sound while trying to sleep. Your mind might lose other thoughts that make you think unnecessarily affecting your sleep.

Well, everyone has different perceptions about the rain music. Let me know what you think about the rain sounds.

Thanks for reading my 64th article in the series 100-day music blogging challenge. Stay tuned for more such informative articles.

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