How I Rediscovered My Passion for Music With 100 Days Of Blogging

Read about how I rediscovered my passion for music by writing around 30,000 words during my 100-day music blogging challenge.

I shall never forget 19 July 2017, the day when I started writing the marathon of blog posts related to interesting facts about music.

I started with 100-day music blogging challenge to stay focused on my music as well as my passion for blogging.

Here’s the list of 100 articles I wrote during my music challenge.

My Passion for Music

I believe taking up challenges is one of the ways to discover more about yourself.

It is necessary to grow as a person. However, there’s a difference between taking up the challenge and facing them.

The way we deal with the problems and the related stress defines the kind of person we are.

An unexpected & unfortunate event around your life would surely shake you off the ground. It is up to us, how we perceive the challenges.

Are we looking up to them as a hindrance to living a peaceful and happy life?

Or, we perceive them as an opportunity to improve ourselves as better humans than we were yesterday.

I believe, taking up challenges is more about identifying your shortcomings and planning to overcome those.

Taking up challenges should never be an ego game. Someone, challenging you a task won’t define the who you are.

You are who you are!

And, you don’t have to prove anyone what they think about you!

I look at my 100-day music blogging challenge as a way to rediscover my passion for music and blogging.

Nobody challenged me to write. And, I don’t wish anyone take up this as a challenge.

My primary aim was to reconnect with my passion for music in a different way.

I asked myself these two questions.

1 Am I learning enough music?

2 Am I sharing enough knowledge?

Am I READING enough to learn music?

Literacy is a bridge from misery to hope. — Kofi Annan

According to my experience, writing 300 words required reading of at least 3000 words and researching about it.

The idea of writing 300 words for 100 days has definitely increased my knowledge up to a certain extent. It doesn’t mean – now I know everything about music.

Learning music is like collecting the pearls from the ocean. The process of learning music may never end.
You can just improve your knowledge up to a certain extent as compared to previous period.

Am I WRITING enough to share the acquired knowledge?

Writing is the primary and most viable option to share information.

Here’s my favorite quote:

Share your knowledge. It’s a way to achieve immortality. – Dalai Lama

Blogging was one of the easiest ways for me to share the acquired knowledge in those 100 days.

Now that I have completed the challenge, I wish to read and write regularly.

Thanks for reading my 100th article in the series 100-day music blogging challenge. Stay tuned for upcoming articles about music, arts, and positivity.

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