These Positive Thinking Stories About Musicians Will Leave You Speechless

Read about positive thinking stories that will leave you speechless and let you think about your purpose in life.

Positive Thinking Stories

Musicians are extremely emotional artists. Thier passion and dedication towards music define the successful careers they have.

If you fear about having a successful career in music, allow yourself to think beyond conventions.

Here’s a list of few passionate musicians who beat all the odds to have a successful career in music.

Beethoven kept composing music even after gradual loss of hearing

Beethoven started losing his power of hearing at the age of 26. However, he kept performing publicly. Within 4 years his hearing loss was damaged beyond control. Beethoven stopped public performances but continued composing music.

Most of his famous music is composed during this period. Beethoven was able to compose while deaf due to his passion and discipline towards music.

Famous musician Stevie Wonders was born blind

Despite disabilities Stevie Wonders learned playing piano and drums. He even played at local church choirs in his early days. Years of practice bought him several top chart songs and Grammy Awards.

Rick Allen, from Def Leppard, played drums with just one hand after accident

At the age of 21, Rick Allen had to face a major accident that took away his left arm.

He fell into depression and thought he might never play drums again. However, he made an incredible comeback with a drum kit that could be played with just one hand. Nonetheless, Def Leppard became the best-selling band in those days.

If you have a passion for anything, nobody and nothing can stop you from doing that thing.

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