Music Theory Lessons

List of music theory lessons and tutorials to better understand the basics of music theory. I would suggest you to read the lessons in sequence in order to get step-by-step instructions about various topics like music theory, sound theory, learning sheet music and learning guitar.

Basic Music Theory Lessons

All the lessons are written for students or individuals who would like to start learning music theory. Since, they are intended for learners with no musical background I have tried to explain each and every terms using images or videos.

An Introduction to Music Theory For Beginners

This post is an introduction to music theory covering basic concepts in western music. 

How To Learn Music – Fundamentals Of Music Theory

Explore how to learn music and understand fundamentals of music theory through simple and easy to understand music lessons. Read more for introduction to these basic elements of music.

The Theory Of Sound – Elements of Sound – Pitch, Tone and Volume

Read about the theory of sound to understand various elements like tone, pitch & volume that constructs the structure and texture of the sound.

Standard Music Notation – Early And Modern Music Notation History

Read about standard music notation used by musicians to understand and write music. The article is intended to provide basic information about origin, usage and importance of standard music notation.