How Does Music Bring Cultures Together?

On occasion of international peace day, read about how does music bring cultures together despite many languages used for communication.

There is so much to say about the world peace. The cultural differences, geographic boundaries, immigration, egoism – everything seems overpowering the most valued thing in the world – LOVE.

Power of Love vs Love of Power

Of all the quotes I’ve read about music and peace, here’s my favorite quote by Jimi Hendrix.

When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace. – Jimi Hendrix

I would like to look at international piece through a musical dimension. I would be more than happy, if could make at least one person feel more positive than before.

What’s that one thing common in different kind of music across the world?

That one thing is EMOTION!

Musicians take a deep dive into the musical ocean to explore pearls of emotions.

Each musician has his own unique style and genre majorly influenced by the geography, culture and language.

However, listening to music was never a linguistic problem.

Music is known to exist since the ancient civilizations.

How does music bring cultures together?

Ancient human beings learnt the art of making sounds indicating various specific instruction, even before invention of the standard language.

The art of communicating without any language has its deep roots in human civilization. The earliest instruments and melodies existed even before humans printed the dictionaries.

That’s only because they were trying to communicate with either brain or the heart. For example, the mating calls were the shortest path to reach a woman’s heart in ancient times.

Try to reach people’s heart and brain. Everything else reaching just the ears – is PURE NOISE.

Yes, that’s the way how humans can know and understand each other.

Communication is a double-edged sword.

You can make or break things with the way you communicate. This is applicable to music also.

After-all, music too is a way of communication.

Isn’t it?

However, music if articulated in a right way could do wonders to the world.

If music can bring change in one person, how can the collective set the “World” stay away?

Random musing

We need a strict law applicable across the countries in the world.

Each person of a nation has to learn at-least one musical instrument in his lifetime. 🙂

I don’t say this will end wars but it will definitely make them super busy.

They say. “An empty mind is the devil’s workshop”.

Just force all of them to play a musical instrument and you will hear them say, “Why can’t I have 25 hours in a day?”

I don’t believe this will end the wars or communal tensions across the world.

However, It will definitely pacify things and give a vision and mission towards world peace.

Thanks for reading my 65th article in the series 100-day music blogging challenge. Stay tuned for more such informative articles.

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