Know Me

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Bharat. An artist, blogger, musician and digital marketing professional dedicated to sharing musings & stories about music, art and mindful resonance!


Music is just another BASIC NECESSITY for me in addition to food, clothing and shelter!

I love Spanish / Classical guitar music. Cheers, if you too share similar music interest. I do like other genres of music including but not limited to western classical, flamenco, Indian classical, world, rock and pop music. 


Once wished to be born with a paintbrush and a guitar in hand, in previous life. It happened, actually!


That’s true. I like to draw and paint too!

Below are some paintings I created few years ago. Please note that all of these are not my original thought work but are inspired by some or the other artwork already created by some artists. All of these paintings are created using water color on paper.

In addition to watercolor painting, I have tremendous interest in digital paintings. 

Here are few digital paintings I drew using Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphone and Galaxy Sketchbook android app.


Apart from painting, I enjoy sketching too!

Sketching was never my core hobby. However,  in January 2017, I started with a 30-day challenge to improve my sketching skills.  Here are few of my sketching artwork.

I got so involved with sketching that I almost composed a track out of the sounds generated using the sounds captured from sketching activity.

Here’s the video of me playing a guitar lead over beats recorded from the raw sounds of pencils and other random things.

I’m calling it “ART BEAT”


Through Euphonic Space, my aim is to share positive thoughts and tutorials about whatever limited knowledge I have with respect to music and arts.

Personally, I am an extrovert person in an introvert exoskeleton.

Introvert for negative thoughts.

Instead, will invest in buying happiness. Works as a digital marketing professional for living and spends rest of the time making music and spreading positivity thoughts through #euphonicspace.