Jeff Buckley’s Interactive Video Has Sexdecillion Combinations Of Love Story

Read about Jeff Buckley’s interactive video of “Just Like A Woman” that has over Sexdecillion possible combinations of love and heartbreak.

You must have listened to many love songs. You didn’t have the choice to select the outcome and the storyline of your favorite song.

How would you react if I say there’s a music video you can control?

Jeff Buckley’s interactive video’s primary aim was to involve his existing and new fans to react to a music video. However, the involvement is emotional.

Aim of the interactive video

The interactive video is about giving control of the fate of the story in the audience’s hand.


You can control the relationship between a man and woman in the story.

The interactive video has over 73 different animated scrolls and panels. Therefore, you can control the loneliness and togetherness of the characters in many ways.

You can choose between the good and the bad times spent by the man and the woman during the music video.

It is possible to change the background music from a curated list of tracks to create various moods.

Each song has a vibrant emotion that changes the experiences of viewing the music video. During the video playback, you can experiment with over 16,000 music combinations.

The 73 different animated cells can be clicked in about Sexdecillion ways. A Sexdecillion is 1 followed by 51 zeros).

Adam Block, President, Legacy Recordings says:

We hope this video will be a moving way to extend that personal connection by allowing people to express themselves and how the song makes them feel in almost endless ways.

The creators referred it as an #InfiniteStory because of the infinite possibilities of shaping the story.

Legacy Recordings released the recording in March 2016. The technology company Interlude and Blind Design Studios conceived the interactive video animations and design.

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