Inktober Tips for Beginners from a Beginner on a Journey to Inktober

Read about how I completed my 100-day music blogging challenge, how I failed at my #sketchnuary and why I am sharing Inktober tips for beginners while documenting my journey with Inktober 2018.

Let me inform you that I’m a complete novice to the ink art. Also, there are many awesome ink artists out there including Jake Parker. So, what difference will my ink art tips make anyway?

This article is about beginner’s perspective and experiences of an artist starting with his first Inktober challenge. All the professional ink artists have been there and done that. They have posted lots of articles with advanced tips and techniques. This article is more about commitment and motivation that you need as a beginner to get started with any creative challenge like Inktober 2018.

What is Inktober?

Jake Parker started the Inktober journey in 2009 as a challenge to improve his inking skills and develop positive drawing habits. Soon, thousands of artists joined him on his journey. The personal art initiative called “Inktober” grew up into a full-fledged worldwide ink drawing fest.

I discovered Inktober in late October last year. However, it was too late to start the journey on the last day. The rules of Inktober are pretty flexible. You can post each day or during weekends as per convenience. But, there was no fun in missing out a journey with other artists. Therefore, I decided to skip Inktober 2017 and join back in Inktober 2018.

So, what’s the big deal about this challenge? You can draw an ink artwork anytime during a year and post it anytime you want. Right?

It’s all about motivation and commitment

Inktober is not just any month-long drawing challenge. It’s about the “commitment” and “motivation” as described in my previous blog about starting sketching as a new hobby. I have to admit that I was not able to complete my #sketchnuary. However, I kept improving my sketching skills throughout the year.

However, I completed another music blog writing activity in 2017 with my 100-day music blogging challenge. I wrote interesting articles about music for 100 days and I am proud to say that I completed the mammoth challenge successfully.

Little did I knew, someday my blog traffic will increase from 300 monthly pageviews in 2017 to 3000 monthly pageviews during 2018.


Initially, my goal was to learn new facts about music everyday and post the findings on my blog every day.

I didn’t write regularly since the end of the music blogging challenge. Whatever minimal traffic I have on my blog is all about people wanting to learn facts about music and arts. Most of them read about the music theory lessons posted as a series in 100-day blogging challenge.

I am fully satisfied with the time I invested in those days. Therefore, I decided to write about Inktober tips for beginners throughout my creative journey in October 2018.

Inktober tips for beginners

Here are few tips for beginners that might help you to build confidence to start with Inktober challenge

Who can join Inktober?

Literally Anyone.

All you have to do is grab an ink pen and start drawing. Never ever bring a thought in your mind about great artist out there doing this challenge. They are all here to support young artists and beginners.

Follow the rules and drawing prompts

Every year, Inktober comes up with new drawing prompts just to give you an idea about where to start. Its perfectly alright to start with your own prompt or follow prompts by other artists.

However, as I said earlier, It is an amazing experience to see the creative ways other artists use to come up with an art on same prompt.

Don’t run behind perfection

It doesn’t matter what you draw or whether your drawing is not as good as them all.

Inktober was never about showing off your drawing skills and it is always about improving your skills and enjoying the journey with other artists.


Plan ahead with creative thoughts

Firstly, planning ahead of time is very crucial for any creative project. Although the idea is to learn and scribble everyday, you can at least decide upon what you would draw over the week using the given prompts. 

Sometimes, we loose too much time in deciding what to draw. Therefore, it is a good idea to finalize the theme and drawing.

Secondly, you can start your drawing by doing a rough layout with a light colored pencil and then start inking the drawing later using any inking material. Even, Jake Parker suggested that beginners might want to draw a rough pencil sketch before actually starting to ink the drawing.

Art supplies you need

There is absolutely no need for expensive ink art supplies. All you need is an ink pen and paper. It’s up to us on how we adapt to different inking techniques.

Even the regular ink bottle or pen will give you same feel as any other expensive art supply.  Just remember, there are artists out there who draw realistic ink art using just a ball point pen.

My Journey #Inktober2018

Day-1 Poisonous

I started my challenge with a weekly theme. I will focus on smartphone addiction and mindfulness in my first week of Inktober 2018. 

What is more Poisonous a Snake or a Smartphone Addiction?

Inktober Tips for Beginners
Day-1 Poisonous

I have tried to explain how people may get trapped due to smartphone addiction. Only you are the judge to guess if you are prisoner of your own device.

Day-2 Tranquil

My day-2 artwork is inspired by Picasso’s painting – “The Old Guitarist”. Picasso painted the old guitarist in 1903, just after tragic death of his friend. So, how do I look at the legendary artwork as topic suited for day-2 prompt tranquil?

Day-2 - Tranquil - Inktober Tips for Beginners
Day-2 – Tranquil

Look at positive side of every artwork. In spite living a poor life, the old guitarist seems satisfied with what he is doing right now, playing a guitar.

I believe playing a guitar or learning any kind of musical instruments is as tranquil as sitting at cool and serene lake side. This artwork should remind you to get off your smartphones and get involved with some off -digital hobby.

Thank you for reading the Inktober tips for beginners article. Let me know what you think in the comments below. I will keep updating this post for documenting the rest of my journey during the Inktober 2018.

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