5 Places To Find A Hobby That Makes You Happy

Everyday, we encounter numerous problems and learn about different ways to find solutions. We tend to work quite a bit, and sometimes forget to take those vital breaks and relax for a while through your hobby. What next? Knocks on the door  – the uninvited guest called – stress.

Human body is one of the complex living machines. An average human heart, beats around 1,00,000 times in a day; that’s somewhere around 35 million times in a year. Also, human brain is known to make thousands of decisions that leads to cognitive overload and stress on brain.

WHAT-IF your your heart or brain resign from the services they are offering to you. Of course, you need to work and earn money. But, money can’t buy all the happiness in the world. Money can buy certain materialistic things that make you happy, but the real happiness that your body, mind and soul needs is hiding somewhere else.

A place where there is no space for stress. It isn’t too hard to find that place. Simply, find a hobby that makes you happy!

Unfortunately, some people still consider hobby as that five letter word used to fill some white space on their professional resumes.

Where can you find a hobby?

Close your eyes for 6 seconds and visualize few activities that you love to do regularly apart from the things you do for a living.

Did you find? Read further if you didn’t find one. Here are 5 places to find a hobby that makes you happy.

Pin-board at your workplace

Pin-boards are the most infamous places where you could find clues about your hobbies. Remember, all those “new year resolution notes” and “to do” kind of lists. You probably had written those lists while having a glass of wine on New Year’s Eve and would have forgotten with the hangover the next day. If they are still there, waiting to get a tick mark, go find them and pin-it back onto that pin-board.

Walls at your home

Have a look at that royal wall where you hanged your steel stringed guitar just to make the room decor more beautiful. The amount of rust on those guitar strings would tell you how much happiness and peace you have lost already. The dust on the decoration artworks and the paintings you made with enthusiasm should tell how much they missed you.

In the closet, chest or drawer

Get yourself a search warrant and raid your personal storage space to find a hobby in form of sketches, crafts, and artworks you created while you had time in your life. Ask yourself if you still want to throw those in the dustbin? If not, create a perfect frame for those and inspire yourself for many more artworks to come in future.

Photo Albums

Almost a surprising place. Knowingly or unknowingly someone must have photographed a moment in the past depicting the leisure activity you loved in your childhood. If your mom says you were smiling while you were watching those moments – go back in your childhood. Be a kid for sometime and experience how awful our adulthood is.


Take a walk in your garden. Do you miss the flowers and plants you planted when you were new to that place? Probably, they died deprived of water that you used to sprinkle earlier. So selfless those plants were! Now that you are so busy, they didn’t went forever for they didn’t wanted to bother or disturb you anymore.

Reading, writing, singing, dancing, cooking, knitting, etc. might be those cliched words on your resumes, but they are more like ornaments that could embellish and enrich the way you live life.

Unfortunately power napping is not one of the hobbies, otherwise you would have plenty reasons to replenish the available resources in your brain and boost your productivity in your daily busy schedules. If a short power nap could do wonders to your productivity, why can’t hobbies?

Yes, it’s perfectly fine if you procrastinate to find a hobby that makes you happy, but please do not forget it.

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