Eigenharp – A Musical Controller That Can Express Itself In Many Ways

Read about the Eigenharp, one of the most expressive electronic musical instrument or controller ever made.

What is Eigenharp?

Eigenharp is an electronic portable controller that controls the musical expressions of sounds generated from the associated software.

John Lambert invented the Eigenharp with Eigenlabs in 2009.

By pashasa – http://www.flickr.com/photos/f7oor/3992788445/, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

The instrument is available in three different models including Alpha, Tau, and Pico. Each of these models has significant characteristics.

Watch a demonstration of how to use the Eigenharp in the instructional video by Eigenlabs.

Read 7 facts about the Eigenharp controller

1. The Eigenharp’s keys are 10 times more sensitive than the traditional keyboard instruments.

What is pressure sensitivity?

In acoustic instruments like the grand piano, the sounds are generated using the hammer technique. The musical notes when pressed activates corresponding hammer that hits the strings coiled inside the piano.

The harder you hit, the louder will be the noise.

Unlike traditional acoustic instruments, the digital music instruments offer unmatched pressure sensitivity when hitting the musical notes.

For example, most of the synth pad controllers used for making beats have pressure sensitive pads that generates the amplitude if the sound using the pressure applied.

2. It can count finger movements within a micron to sense the pressure for volume, effects, and change of pitch.

Music playing techniques like the tremolo that involves alternate sliding of the nites using finger friction can be effectively generated.

3. Create your rhythm beats during a live performance and repeat the loops as you play.

Whether it’s your daily practice routine or the live musical performances, the live loops will surely help you build the musical ideas from the scratch.

4. Eigenharp syncs with the samplers and software instruments to create electronic music effects

You need to connect the Eigenharp with the EigenD software which is the synthesizer generating all the sounds behind this controller.

What is the difference between a synthesizer and a controller?

A controller may not have sounds of its own. However, we can connect the controllers to the computer software called synthesizers to generate sounds from the computer instead of the actual instrument.

These sounds generated from the computer are then modulated and filtered onto the controller’s keys.

5. Use the breath pipe creatively to alter the notes, effects, and filters.

The controller makes use of the wind pressure to activate and control the effects played on the software.

6. Endless ways of controlling sounds using the pedals, headphones and a microphone.

7. Fully customizable instrument because uniqueness needs to be nurtured.

“You can change the key layouts, instrument mappings, scales, how all the controls behave – just about everything in fact.”

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