Does Music Have An Effect On Plant Growth?

Does Music Have An Effect On Plant Growth? Read about various scientific experiments to understand the relationship between music and plant’s growth.

Does Music Have An Effect On Plant Growth?

Before we could understand effects of music on plants we have to find if they can hear anything at the first place.

Do plants have emotions and feelings?

Do they have a brain or a heart?

These questions might be held up as a matter of ridicule for most of us.

However, many scientists are carrying out research to find the answers.

Let’s read about outcomes of few studies to know if plants could really respond to music.

Do plants hear music?

Definitely, plants don’t have ears.

However, they have actives mechanism for respiring or reproducing.


One of the experiments carried says that:

When exposed to music, the plant’s growth rate improved by 20% in height and 72% in biomass.

Among several instruments used in the experiment, violin yield the best results.

One more study says that:

Plants react to the attitude with which they are nurtured

Several plant enthusiast carried out experiments of talking to plants with love and hatred to see if it yields positive or negative effects on plants.

I have heard people saying that a child’s behavior and personality is highly influenced by the people and their behavior around it.

Several plant enthusiast thinks likewise.

Humanizing with growing plant might be very much similar to nurturing them as a child.

Talking to plants

However, there are experiments about talking to plants yield opposite results.

The researchers created three groups of plants. One set of plants was subjected to loving music while another set to a hatred music. A third set was left neutral – without any music.

The conclusions revealed that the set of plants that were kept neutral didn’t flourish well in terms of biomass.

The plants with love and hatred music didn’t show a drastic change in the growth pattern. However, the growth was better as compared to plants that were not subjected to music at all.

We understand that plants are living organisms with a biological system as complex as other living creatures.

Won’t this information be enough to say that plants could feel sound waves?

Thanks for reading my 47th article in the series 100-day music blogging challenge. Stay tuned for more such informative lessons.

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