The Digital Music Box – A Crank Powered Synthesizer Redefines Creativity

Read about the digital music box powered with hand crank synthesizer that makes it a symbol of creativity in the new age.

Ever heard about the music box?

Let me give you a hint.

Do you remember that music box with dancing Ballerina?

Probably, you must have watched it in an old movie or must have received as a gift in your childhood.

What is a music box?

A music box is an automated instrument containing cylinders that pluck the metal comb to produce the desired melody.

Here’s a photo of a music box showing a metal comb plucked by the projected pointers on the cylinder.

Baud museum mg 8521.jpg
By RamaOwn work, CC BY-SA 2.0 fr, Link

It was very popular during the 18th century.

The early music boxes used bells for producing sound. Therefore, these instruments were named “carillons à musique”.

The early watchmakers were responsible for developing the working mechanism of the music box. It was similar to the gear mechanism used in the clock.

Jérémie Recordon and Samuel Junod opened the first music box factory during 1815 in Switzerland.

Well, all these music boxes were purely mechanical.

What is digital music box?

The digital music box is an artistic journey. The project aims at cultivating imagination and symbolizing the power of creativity.

Imaginando used the vintage style furniture with its modern synthesizer technology to create a music box that resembles classic music box crank.

The digital music box is part of the Laboratórios de Verão 2017 initiative in Portugal.

Imaginando used a custom set of micro-computers to turn the keyboard input into a music and light show controlled using a hand crank.

Imaginando’s CEO, Nuno Santos says:

We had worked hard for 3 years, developing products that inspire people to maximize their creative productivity

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