Beethoven’s Fur Elise And Immortal Beloved – What Is The Connection?

Read about the relationship between Beethoven’s Fur Elise and his letters titled – Immortal Beloved. Who was the mystery women in Beethoven’s life?

Haven’t heard about Beethovens Fur Elise?

I’m pretty sure you must have heard the tune but may not know the piece by its name.

Listen to ‘Fur Elise’ by Beethoven.

What does “Für Elise” mean?

“Für Elise” is a German word meaning “For Elise” in English.

Beethoven wrote the musical composition for a woman called Elise.

Who was Elise?

Now, This question might strike a huge debate on the internet.

Before knowing who she was, let us know few facts about Fur Elise.

Fur Elise, a three-minute bagatelle is one of the most popular music compositions ever written for the Piano.

The music composition was not published publicly until forty years after Beethoven died.

What does a bagatelle mean?

A bagatelle is a short piece of light classical music, typically for the piano. Bagatelles are known for its soft and mellow characteristics.

A bagatelle means “a short unpretentious instrumental composition“.

Ludwig Nohl discovered the piece written by Beethoven on 27 April 1810.

The original manuscript is no longer available.

The version we hear today is no way the same as written originally.

Experts believe that the publisher must have added minor changes or modifications in the original composition.

Some experts even doubt the composition and its authenticity.

Now the question of the hour is, who was Elise?

Elisabeth Roeckel?

Some people believe the woman was Elisabeth Roeckel, a friend of the composer. She wrote flirtatious letters documenting her friendly relationship with Beethoven.

Therese Malfatti Anonymus.jpg
By Unknown Painter – Beethoven-Haus Bonn, Ley, Band III, Nr. 521, Public Domain, Link

Therese Malfatti?

Others argue that the music composition might have been transcribed erroneously, replacing “Für Therese” with “Für Elise”.

Elisabeth Röckel.jpg
By Joseph Willibrord Mähler – Transferred from de.wikipedia to Commons by 2T using CommonsHelper.
(24 June 2009 (original upload date)). Original uploader was Geheimnisforscher at de.wikipedia. (Original text: gemeinfrei), Public Domain, Link

Beethoven once threw marriage proposal on Therese Malfatti, which got rejected.

Letter with the subject – Immortal Beloved

Experts have a collection of letters written by Beethoven, that was undelivered having the subject – “To The Immortal Beloved”.

Elise – the mystery woman in Beethoven’s life, is still an unsolved mystery. Let me know if you must have figured out.

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