Antonio Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons” Gives Musical Expressions For Seasons

Read about Antonio Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons” – a musical composition that gives an expression for the seasons of the year.

What is “The Four Seasons”?

Antonio Vivaldi wrote The Four Seasons as a group of four violin concerti during 1721. Each concerto has three movements.

Listen to the four seasons by Antonio Vivaldi.

The Four Season is known for its unusual timing and poems that describe the musical expression in words.

However, it is not yet clear, who wrote the poems accompanying the concerti.

The Four Seasons is probably the earliest known program music from the Romantic era.

What is program music?

A program music evokes visual impressions, images or convey the impression of events.

The Four Seasons Concerti have a set of four concertos each written for the specific season – Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter in the said order.

The Four Seasons has specific instructions to tell musicians about the scene or type of music required in the movement.


1.  The barking dog – (second movement in Spring Concerto)
2.  Languor caused by the heat (first movement of Summer Concerto)
3.  The drunkards have fallen asleep (second movement of Autumn Concerto)

Sonnets in the Concerti

Each concerto has a Sonnet divided into three sections for each movement.

What is a Sonnet?

A Sonnet is a poem consisting fourteen lines and many rhyme schemes, in English usually in iambic pentameter

An iambic pentameter refers to writing ten syllables per line including five iambs in a line.

Read more about sonnet in one of my earlier articles.

The composition inspired the film The Four Seasons, a romantic comedy starring Alan Alda in 1981. It served as a great inspiration for many musicians to adapt and re-work on the composition in classical as well as rock genres.

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