Airpiano – The Art Of Playing The Piano Without Actually Touching It

Read about the Airpiano, a weird musical instrument enabling musicians to play music using gestures by avoiding traditional methods.

What is Airpiano?

Airpiano is a music tech gadget also a MIDI and OSC controller used to trigger the musical notes and various effects through hand gestures.

You must have heard about the MIDI instruments earlier.

OSC (Open Sound Control) is a protocol that allows interoperability among synthesizers, computers, and other multimedia devices during musical performances.

OSC enhances the workflow between sound various musical device.

However, OSC protocol is much more than a MIDI protocol.

Therefore, Airpiano is much more than just a MIDI device.

Watch Jo Hamilton playing the AirPiano.

Jo Hamilton is the first musician to experiment with Airpiano. She was also an active member involved in research and development of this amazing music tech gadget.

During the experimental phase, she composed various musical acts to test the Airpiano.

The outcome of the experiments was used to optimize the Airpiano.

How Airpiano works?

Airpiano is a MIDI instrument.

Therefore, it doesn’t have the sounds stored on the instrument board. Airpiano cannot produce sounds on its own.

You may need a computer with virtual synthesizer to produce desired sounds.

About the user interface and user experience

The keys and the faders are mapped to an proper distance above the Airpiano dashboard. This was required to keep the user interface and the instrument device looks intuitive and easy to use.

Therefore the keys weren’t displayed on the dashboard.

This technique is called as “touch-free” interaction for a musical instrument. The musicians don’t have to stare at the user interface.

Musicians could memorize the distance in the air for each key after several practice sessions.

The Airpiano is often compared to Theremin because of its ability to play hands-free.

Airpiano is much easier to play due to its discrete 24 key and eight faders.

What’s the difference between Airpiano and other controllers available in the market?

Airpiano has no rules while it comes to playing music. Therefore, Airpiano has a creativity quotient. Musicians can be more experimental with their music.

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