Piezoelectric Violin & 3Dvarius – The Future Of 3D-Printed Instruments

Read about the future of 3D-printed musical instruments and the piezoelectric violin & 3Dvarius that symbolize the unification of sonic art and technology.

What is Piezoelectric violin?

MONAD Studio conceived the idea of creating a 3d-printed musical instrument in collaboration with musician Scott Hall.

Piezoelectric Violin was a member of five 3D-printed musical instruments initially created for an exhibition.

These 3d-printed musical instruments symbolize the unique amalgamation of the sonic art and technology.

Piezoelectric Violin has unique physical art-worthy body manufactured using the cutting-edge 3D technology.

The ergonomics facilitate the musician’s posture and style of playing the instrument.

However, the tone of the piezoelectric violin is not a cup of tea for everyone. The tone is extravagant and most suitable for the specific genre of music.

On the contrary, here’s 3dvarius – the first fully playable electric violin.

What is 3Dvarius?

The 3Dvarius, a 3D-printed electric violin is Laurent Bernadac’s brainchild.

The idea of 3Dvarius was conceived in 2012 keeping in mind the sound requirements of modern classical musicians.

A string instrument maker built the first prototype of handcrafted violin in 2013. It was quite unplayable due to weight issues.

However, Laurent worked on a better design to reduce the weight. The subsequent models exhibit streamlined curves and aesthetics.

Listen to epic electric violin battle looper mashup featuring the 3dvarius.

3Dvarius vs Stradivarius

The 3Dvarius derives its name from one of the earliest known violin brands – Stradivarius.

Stradivarius violins have incredible tone and the most expensive musical instruments in the world.

Can a 3d-printed material in anyway compete with the tone of legacy violins?

Listen to both instruments while musicians play the Canonic Sonata for two violins.

The video will strike a debate over which one is better.

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