Jump-starting with 100 Days of Art Project

This year I’m planning a “100 Days of Art Project” to self improve my art skills and explore more in the field. Read more to know about my 100 days journey plan.

I hate making new year resolutions but even hate more when I won’t make one.


They say, “An empty mind is the devil’s workshop”. It’s not that my mind is empty all the times but why not make a resolution that keeps you close to your passion and helps your mind rejuvenate.

Well, this is not something new to me. I have already completed a 100 days of music blogging project in 2017 and feel proud about it. This time, I would try to explore different ways of creating art.

Also, the Inktober challenge was a very interesting project I participated in year 2018.

Why 100 Day Project?

Sometime, you feel like not doing anything. That’s the reason you procrastinate and fail to achieve the new year resolutions. Also, the creativity block keeps your mind away from what you want to do.

Self-improvement can never be achieved without making a habit and commitment. The idea is to take up one simple thing everyday. I hate the word “challenge” due to its negative connotations and mindfulness.

Challenges may have adverse effect on your mind however a project is long lasting effort to self improvement.

Having a burden of creating new artwork everyday obviously have its negative effect and associated anxiety. I will try to invest not more than an hour every day and post the creatives as and when they are ready.

This project is not about “Losing Mind” over idea of not being able to post every day. So, I’m planning to post the creative and blog on my own discretion. So, even if I miss a post on particular day, the next day or coming days will always work. This way I shall reduce my anxiety but will try to be honest with the commitment part.

Thanks for reading through the end. Catch all my artwork in the series on my Instagram account using hastag #ES100DaysofArt

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